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Importance Of Tuesday In Jyeshta Month

Tuesday or Mangalwar in Jyeshta Month (May – June) is of great importance in North India. Special prayers are offered to Hanuman on this day and it is known as Bada Mangal. Special prayers are offered in Bajarang Bali temples on all Tuesdays of Jyeshta month in Lucknow.

The Tuesday in Jyeshta month is known as Bada Mangal because is widely believed that Hanuman met Sri Ram for the first time on a Tuesday in Jyeshta. It is this divine incident that makes the day highly auspicious.

It is believed that offering prayers to Hanuman who is still living on earth will help in achieving peace, prosperity, happiness and Ashirwad.

The main offerings done on Tuesday include Chana, Jaggery and Mitti Pudi (मीठी पूड़ी).
Many devotees perform donation of food and water on the day as it is believed to be highly meritorious.