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Kamdhenu Cow in Hinduism – Story of Divine Cow Kamdhenu in Hindu Religion

Kamdhenu is the divine cow mentioned in Hinduism. It has the power to fulfill all wishes. The story of origin of Kamdhenu in Hindu religion is associated with the churning of ocean or Samudra Manthan. She appeared during the churning of the ocean and is was taken by the seven gods, who compose the constellation of the Great Bear in the sky.

Legend has it that Kamdhenu lived in the ashram of Sage Vasishta. One day king Vishwamitra happened to learn about the divine cow and felt that the cow would be of greater use to a king than to a sage. But Sage Vasishta was not ready to forgo the cow and this led to a confrontation between the king and the sage.

When the king tried to forcibly take away Kamdhenu, it is said that warriors appeared from her body and defeated the army of King Vishwamitra. The king who was impressed by the yogic powers decides to give his kingdom and became a powerful sage through intense penance.

Another legend has it that Kamdhenu lived in the ashram of Sage Jamadagni. King Kartaviryarjuna, on realizing it was a divine cow, took it away forcibly from the ashram. Parashurama, who was the son of Sage Jamadagni, annihilated the king and retrieved the cow. The sons of King Kartaviryarjuna then killed Sage Jamadagni and Parashuram then took the vow to wipe out 21 generation of Kshatriyas.

Stories regarding Kamdhenu are found in the Puranas, Mahabharata and Ramayana. But they are not unique. This gives rise to the notion that there are several Kamdhenus but this is not true there is only one divine cow and it is the stories that vary.

Some scholars are also of the view that the various divine cows like Shabala, Suvala, Surabhi and Nandini are different names of Kamdhenu.

When Kamdhenu is accepted as Surabhi, she is the mother of all the cattle on earth.

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