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Teachings From Narada Parivrajaka Upanishad And Wise Sayings Of Sage Narada

Teachings From Narada Parivrajaka Upanishad  and a collection of wise sayings of Sage Narada.

Wise men escape death by knowing the Brahman. There is no other real road to salvation.

True knowledge is the characteristic of renunciation. Hence preferring wisdom, an intelligent man will renounce the world.

When a person has no evil propensity towards all beings in deed, thought and speech he becomes a true mendicant monk.

The ten virtues characterizing right conduct (dharma) are – contentment, forgiveness, self-control, non-stealing, purity, control of the senses, humility, scriptural learning, truth and an even temper.

Wise Sayings of Sage Narada

The praises of Narayana even if they are couched in wrong words, even if they are sung all out of tune, will assure of the Grace of the Lord.

Like a pieces of Arni, which, when churned, will give forth smoke first and later fire which will consume the wood itself, even so, the mind of man, when churned by constant devotion of the Lord, will make all the evil in him come out on to the surface. The true sattvic nature of man will then blaze forth and, like fire, will consume the bondage of karma and grant him salvation for ever and ever.

Action which is performed in the world with a desire for returns involves man further in the coils of Maya. These same actions, however, when performed without any desire, with a dedicated frame of mind, will only hasten to break the bonds of Maya. Knowledge of Brahman wedded to the path of devotion will help man to perform actions dedicated to the Lord. Soon, very soon, the conditioned Atman will find freedom from the coils and become one with the infinite.

Fear always arises out of existence of another.

Misdeeds by others do not justify our wrongdoing.

The greatest remedy for all the ills of life, physical or mental is to surrender the fruits of Karmas (works) to the Lord.

Work, which we perform as service to the Lord, creates love and devotion in us.

Sage Narada Teachings On Bhakti

The path of devotion is the easiest path to attain God.

Bhakti is intense love for God.

In its intrinsic nature this divine love is immortal bliss.

By attaining It, a man becomes perfect, immortal and satisfied forever.

On attaining That a man does not desire anything else; he grieves no more, is free from hatred or jealousy; he does not take pleasure in the vanities of life; and he loses all eagerness to gain anything for himself.