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Symbolism Of Water Pot In Hindu Cremation – Carrying Water Pot With Water Falling Around Funeral Pyre

Carrying water pot during cremation is a must for many Hindu communities and this has a deep symbolism. The person designated to light the pyre goes around the pyre of the dead person with water pot on his shoulders. A hole is made in the water pot so that the water flows out and falls around the funeral pyre. Finally, the water pot is dropped hardly backwards and it breaks.

This is performed to give the message to the soul of the dead person that it is time to leave the body. The soul needs to end its association with the body.

Pot and water in it is mentioned in all Hindu scriptures and this has numerous meaning. Like the pot, the human body will be broken and destroyed one day. The pot has to finally merge in earth. The person will have to finally reach his destination the Supreme Truth.

The water falling from the pot while going around the funeral pyre symbolically represents the passing of time. The final breaking of pot and water flowing out completely tells the soul that the body is no longer its abode.

The pot also represents all the belongings on earth the person had including all relationships and wealth. The forceful breaking of the pot is asking the soul to give everything away and start the journey to merge with the Supreme Truth.

Recent studies around the world have suggested that the people in the first phase of death can still experience some consciousness. In simple terms, the dead person is aware that the person is dead. This is because the brain is not dead.

Symbolism in breaking water pot in Hindu funeral