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Story - Sant Eknath Forced To Take Bath 108 Times

Sant Eknath was one of the foremost saints in the Bhakti tradition in Maharashtra during the 16th century AD. There is an interesting story of Sant Eknath forced to bath 108 times due to the wicked activity of a man. Eknath takes bath without any displeasure. The story shows the greatness of a true saint.

Story - Sant Eknath Forced To Take Bath 108 Times Without Displeasure

Sant Eknath was returning from the river after taking his bath in the morning. A wicked person sitting atop raised platform urinated from the top to deliberately hit Sant Eknath. Urine fell on Eknath and he returned back to take bath.

While returning through the same path, the man again urinated on Sant Eknath. The saint once again returned back to take bath.

The man got angry as Sant Eknath did not pick up a fight with him.

Next time when Sant Eknath returned he threw kitchen waste on top of him. Sant Eknath showed no anger but returned to take bath.

The man continued throwing filthy things on Sant Eknath. The saint got drenched each time but without any kind of anger or frustration, Eknath returned to take bath in the river.
On that day Sant Eknath had to take bath 108 times.

The wicked man then realized that Eknath was no ordinary human being. He fell on the feet of the Saint and asked for forgiveness.

Eknath told the man that he had no resentment or anger towards him. But he was thankful to him that he could take bath 108 times in Holy River due to his activity.

Sant Eknath blessed him and moved ahead.