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Uttarapatha in Hindu Scriptures

Uttarapatha is one of the five geographical divisions of India and it is mentioned in Bhuvanakosha section of Puranas. Uttarapatha is the present day North India. The other divisions are madhyadesha (central India), prachya (eastern India), dakshinapatha (south India) and aparanta (western India).

Uttarapatha includes the entire valley of the Indus according to Kavyamimamsa of Rajashekhara.

Dharmasutras of Vasishta and Baudhayana, as well as Dharmashastra of Manu state that Uttarapatha lies to the west of the place where Saraswati River disappears.

As per Banabhatta, Uttarapatha included modern day western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and the northwestern provinces of India.

Inscriptions indicate that Uttarapatha was a great trade route which extended from Saraswati to Taxila in Gandhara.

The region as mentioned in Pali literature included the whole of northern India from Anga (east) to Gandhara (northwest) and from the Himalayas (north) to the Vindhyas (south).