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Shakti Weapon Of Hindu Gods And Goddesses - Muruga - Durga

You might have come across Shakti weapon in the description of Hindu Gods and Goddess. Shakti is the weapon found in the hands of Kartik (Muruga), Durga and many other Goddesses. What is Shakti or which is the weapon?

Shakti is the name given to spear. It consists of a metallic piece which is elliptical in shape. There are also spears which are triangle in shape. There are also those which have quadrangular shape.

The metallic piece has a socket and it is fixed on a wooden handle.

There are also Shakti which are completely made of metal.

It is mainly found in the hand of Kartik or Muruga. But when it is associated with Muruga the popular name used is Vel.

When Goddess Durga is depicted with eight or more arms she holds Shakti.

Many manifestations of Mother Goddess also hold Shakti.