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Story of Chintamani Ganesh

Chintamani Ganesh is worshipped at the famous Chintamani Temple at Theur in Maharashtra and is also one among the Ashtavinayaka Temples. Chintamani is a wish fulfilling Gem which was in the possession of Sage Kapila. The holy saint used it only for Dharmic purposes. Ganapati got the name after he protected the Gem.

Once, Gana, the prince of the kingdom, came to the ashram of Sage Kapila with his army. Sage welcomed the prince and the army and served tasty food to the entire army.

Gana wanted to know the secret of Sage Kapila that made him produce such tasty food instantaneously.  He then came to know about the Chintamani Gem. He then wanted to possess it. But Kapila declined as he knew that the prince would use it for evil purposes.

Gana forcibly took the gem away from the ashram.

Sage Kapila then prayed to Ganesha for his help. Being pleased with Kapila's devotion, Ganesha first attempted to warn the prince through a dream. But Gana was adamant. He decided to kill Sage Kapila for seeking the help of Ganesha.

Ganesha and Siddhi Devi appeared at the ashram and to protect the hermitage, they created a thousand-armed warrior named Laksha. He destroyed the army of Gana. Ganesha then killed arrogant Gana and retrieved the gem.

Sage Kapila asked Ganesha to keep the Gem as only He could protect it. In memory of the divine incident, Ganesha took the name of Chintamani and resided at Theur in the form of Chintamani Ganapati.