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Kalarupi Shiva - This Form of Shiva Gave Birth To Rashi and Nakshatras - Kalarupi Hara

Kalarupi Shiva appeared at the Daksha Yajna where Sati had self immolated. The appearance of Kalarupi Shiva is mentioned in Vamana Purana. Kalarupi Shiva is also known as Kalarupi Hara.

This form of Shiva is more associated with astrology and it is stated that the entire zodiacal belt or Rashi in the sky are the body parts of Shiva.

The yajna or sacrifice was afraid of the form that Shiva took to annihilate Daksha. Yajna took the form a deer and flew up into the sky along with Dakshina his consort.

Seeing Yajna fleeing, a half of Shiva took the form of Kalarupi Shiva and chased it. While chasing, Shiva aimed the Pasupata arrow (Pashupata Astra) at Yajna.

Kalarupi Hara hit the deer form of Yajna with the Pasupata arrow and the shattered parts of the deer became Nakshatras or stars.