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Shuddhi Panchakam in Hinduism - Five Areas That Need Constant Attention In Daily Life

Shuddhi Panchakam is five areas that need constant attention in daily life as per Hinduism. The five areas that come under Shuddhi Panchakam are cleanliness of the body, keeping the mind calm and clean, keeping panchendriya (five senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) under control, good speech and cleanliness of one’s house.

Taking bath every day morning and evening in normal temperature water falls under Sharira Shuddhi or the cleanliness of the body. Sharira Shuddhi also includes keeping teeth, nails, eyes, nose and ears clean.

 Five Areas That Need Constant Attention In Daily Life in Hindu Religion

Next is Mana Shuddhi or keeping the mind calm and clean. If we let the mind to wander it is sure to enter Adharmic areas. This will pollute the mind. Ego, angry, hatred and jealousy are the main pollutants of the mind. To keep the mind clean one should cultivate love and piety for all living beings, also courage and dharmic thoughts. The main aim should be to see God in all living beings.

Panchendriya Shuddhi means keeping the control over the actions of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. You should use the functions of the panchendriya wisely. Should be able to keep a balance of them. For example – taste should not be allowed to rule over you. You should be able to keep it in check and control the food habits. Similarly, one should stop hear or listening to those things that only cater to our ego and senses.

Vak Shuddhi is not hurting anyone with your speech. Try to speak good words. Avoid words which are purposefully meant to hurt a person.

Grah Shuddhi means keeping the house clean. The home should have cross ventilation for passage of fresh air. It should also get early morning sunrise. The house should be clean from inside and outside. As we all know Goddess Lakshmi, resides in clean and neat place.