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Chandali – About Goddess Chandali

Chandali is a fierce goddess occasionally mentioned in the Puranas. Her stories are mostly found in folklore. She has a terrifying appearance.

She is one of the Goddess mentioned in a group of eight Goddess associated with Gauri. It must be noted that in regional worship one comes across numerous such Goddesses. They all are the manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. They provide protection and blessing. They are invoked to overcome diseases. They are also invoked to destroy enemies.

various forms of gauri

King used to worship fierce form of Durga like Chandali to achieve victory in battles. She is also invoked to overcome internal enemies.

Some powerful kings used to perform animal and human sacrifices to appease Goddesses.

The color associated with Chandali is red or blue.

She is also associated with flames.

She is worshipped for overcoming diseases and for defeating enemies.

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