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Three Debts Of An Individual In Hinduism

Three Debts of an Individual in Hinduism as per Sthathapatha Brahmana are:
  1. Deva Rina (towards the gods)
  2. Rishi Rina (towards the sages)
  3. Pitra Rina (towards the ancestors)
Deva Rina – the first debt is repay to gods the debt of having been granted a human birth. This is done through constructive and good acts to humankind and nature. Social welfare acts are in this category. To see all living beings as equal is the most important aspect of Deva Rina.

Rishi Rina – in order to pay this debt, the individual should acquire Vidya (education) and study basic knowledge texts. The torch of knowledge must be kept burning by imparting education to other people. Rishi Rina is meant to pass knowledge from one generation to another. The torch of Vedic knowledge will remain burning generation after generation through Rishi Rina.

Pitr Rina – This debt is repaid by good conduct in keeping with the good name and fame of one’s family. The debt that one owes to one’s parents is to produce progeny that will continue the tradition of family.

The three debts create a good environment and society. People are reminded about their obligations towards society, humankind and nature. When these three debts are kept in mind and implemented, there will be all-round progress and prosperity.