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Venkatesa Mangalashtak by Vadiraja – English Translation

Vadiraja (1480 – 1600 AD) is one of the outstanding Acharyas who belongs to both Vyasa and Dasa Kuta. Vadiraja has composed many devotional songs apart from his classic works in Sanskrit like ‘Yuktimallika.’ His Venkatesa Mangalashtak in Sanskrit is very alluring and popular and is sun on all ceremonial occasions. In it, Poet Vadiraja presents a graphic word picture o the Divine form of the Lord directly seen through his eyes apart from the description of his glory as sung by Vedas and Puranas.

With rare felicity of poetic expression, the ardent devotee and the gifted poet in Vadiraya, appears to outshine the logician and philosopher in him.

Venkatesa Mangalashtak

Lord Venkatesa has two wives – Sridevi and Bhudevi. Brahma, husband of Saraswati is his son, Shiva who has moon on his head as jewel is his grandson. Lord of serpents (Sesha) is his resting abode; all the demigods (Devas) are his attendants. Garuda is his chariot and the entire universe is his residence. He is the first and foremost person of this world. Let that Hari who enjoys his stay on the foremost of the mountains called Venkatadri, bestow all auspiciousness and bliss on us.

His prowess holds in contempt the brilliant rays of thousands of suns. The luster of his lotus like face outshines the luster of thousands of moons on the full moon day. His beauty out shadows the beauty of God of love and his loveliness disregards loveliness of groups of clouds. May such a lord grant all bliss!

He is decorated with a number of ornaments like earrings and crown made of various jewels, and also with celebrated gem (Kaustubha) word on this chest with Srivatsa marks. He is radiant with his garments shining like gold and dazzling lighting. Let such a Lord grant us bliss. Lord is adorned with beautiful mark of kasturi on his forehead. His eyes are like lotuses. His body is besmeared with fragrant pastes prepared from essence of musk and sandalwood. He is wearing garlands made up of fragrant flowers. Let Srihari grant us prosperity. With al affection he is pointing towards his feet through his right hand fingers and is saying “Look, here is my divine feet on earth.” His other hand which touches his body indicates as though that with the touch of his feet one can cross the ocean of worldly existence as easily as one can cross the river with expression of happiness on his face. Let such Srihari offer all propitious-ness. He is always sporting with his spouse in Swami Pushkarini Lake. He has his temple made of gold. He is attended upon by gods led by Brahma. In the form of Bhuvaraha, he destroy the enemies and protects his devotees. May Venkatesa confer bliss.

The lord is overjoyed when he sees that gods led by brahma, the sages and the mass of people have congregated for his brahmotsavam and that he is worshipped and praised by them all. He is showering on them various boons. Let the great Lord with Lakshmi on his chest grant us all welfare.

Although his permanent abode is Vaikunta, he has come down to earth in this Kali Yuga for the protection of his devotees. He is shining like a crest jewel on the Seshadri Mountain. He is an ocean of mercy. Let such Hari who enjoys his abode on the king of mountains ie., Venkatadri betow on us all auspicious things.

Source Glory of Srinivasa published in Saptagiri September 2005 issue. Translated by Dr. R. N. Aralikatti.