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Our True Strength And Courage Lies In Overcoming Awful Moments In Life

There are moments in life that are unacceptable and unpleasant. Our true strength and courage lies in overcoming such awful moments in life.

Impatience, anger, rage, depression, destructiveness and inflicting pain on oneself should never be the approach to solving an unpleasant situation.

Our action during such negative situations is what determines our true character.

Properly judging the situation and responding in the best possible manner can ease the pain and unhappiness.

We should observe our mind in such situations. We should not allow anger and other negative emotions to overpower.

Instead of resisting the situation, we need to work around the unfavorable situation and convert it into a positive situation.

If the situation is the result of our action, then we should graciously accept the mistake and correct it.

Do not accumulate negative energy. The bad moments in life should be dropped. We should stop accumulating pain. The best solution is to solve all unpleasant situations in the present.

Sometimes it is hard to say a 'No' but if we can muster the courage to say 'NO' we are putting an end to lot of troubles in present and future. After this we are getting a clean slate to start afresh.