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Story of Gandaki River and Brahma

There are numerous stories in Hindu Puranas regarding the origin of the Gandaki River. On such story is associated with Brahma, the God of creation. Salagrama, or Shaligrama, the black stones with stripes in the form of symbols associated with Lord Vishnu is found in the Gandaki River.

Legend has it that Lord Brahma was saddened when he realized that so many people had strayed from the path of Dharma and had become sinners. Brahma sat in meditation thinking about the unfortunate situation. Sweat from his face fell on the earth and ran as a river.

It was known by the name of Gandaki as it appeared from Ganda – cheek of Brahma.

Gandaki River requested Brahma to accept her as his spouse. But Brahma declined.

She then decided to perform intense penance to restore Dharma. Her action resulted in the appearance of Vishnu in the form of Salagrama.