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Panchamakara Form of Worship in Tantrism – Symbolic Meaning of Wine – Meat – Fish – Coin – Sex

Tantra describes five elements, known as panchamakara, for sadhana. The five elements have symbolic meaning in Tantism. The five elements are: madya, wine; mamsa, meat; matsya, fish; mudra, silver coin; and maithuna, sexual union. These five categories have different meanings for different classes of worshippers — but in all cases it is important to understand that what one is required to offer is the principle or essence, not the article itself. It is impossible to think that Shiva would have advised people to have all five experiences and assured them illumination. Many people enjoy these things. Are they illumined? People don’t need to practice tantric rituals to have sex and enjoy wine. Some people with animal nature want to spiritualize their self-indulgence, and Westerners sometimes portray tantric rituals in this way. The panchamakara should be understood from a spiritual perspective. Symbolic Meaning of Wine – Meat – Fish – Coin – Sex in Tantric Wors

Story of Sundar Narayan Temple in Nashik – Vishnu was cursed by Vrinda

Sundar Narayan Temple in Nashik is situated at the corner of Ahillyabai Holkar Bridge near Ramkund, This is an ancient shrine famous for its antiquity, holiness, architecture, intricate carvings, sculptures and unique event of sunrays falling in the sanctum sanctorum. The story of Sundarnarayan Mandir is associated with Vrinda (Tulsi Plant) cursing Vishnu. Vrinda was the wife of demon king Jalandhar. He had got a boon from Shiva that he would be invincible as long as his wife was chaste. The character of Jalandhar turned upside down after getting the boon. He became cruel, evil and vicious and harassed all the living beings in the universe. Adharma prospered and now it was the duty of Vishnu to protect Dharma. Once, when Jalandhar was on a mission, Vishnu took the form of the demon king and copulated with Vrinda. Chastity of Vrinda was broken and soon her husband was killed by the Devas. When Vrinda Devi came to know about the treachery, she cursed Vishnu to become deformed