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Ruling God of Mercury – Budh Grah Devta

Budh or Mercury is one among the Navgraha or nine planets in Hindu Vedic astrology. In this ancient system of astrology, each graham or planet has a ruling god or Grah Devta. The god associated with Mercury or Budh Grah is Goddess Durga. The Grah Devta of Budh is Durga Devi. The color associated with Budh is Green. The number is 5 The direction is North. Ratna or stone is Panna.

Hanuman Mantra for Job

For those people looking for new job, success in work and career improvement, there is an ideal Hanuman mantra. It should be chanted on Tuesday morning and evening. The person chanting the mantra should take bath early morning on Tuesday. He should then visit a Hanuman temple and offer his prayers. Return and sit in a silent place on red color cloth or blanket. He should then chant the mantra. ॐ हुं हुं हनुमतये फट् ॐ पवन नन्दनाय स्वाहा ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट   ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावताराय विश्वरूपाय अमित विक्रमाय प्रकटपराक्रमाय महाबलाय सूर्य कोटिसमप्रभाय रामदूताय स्वाहा। ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावताराय सर्वशत्रुसहांरणाय सर्वरोगाय सर्ववशीकरणाय रामदूताय स्वाहा। ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावतराय वज्रदेहाय वज्रनखाय वज्रसुखाय वज्ररोम्णे वज्रनेत्राय वज्रदंताय वज्रकराय वज्रभक्ताय रामदूताय स्वाहा।

Kottuvallikavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple in Ernakulum District in Kerala

Kottuvallikavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess Bhadrakali. The temple is located at Kottuvally Village near Paravur in Ernakulum District, Kerala. This shrine is about 15 km from Aluva Railway Station. The age of the shrine is unknown. But it is more than 1000 years old. The murti worshipped in the temple was discovered by a woman in an open field. It was first worshipped under an Elanji Tree and the tree is still located near the temple. The famous Azhvanchery Thamprakal conducted the tantric pujas and rituals associated with the shrine. The annual festival in the temple coincides with the famous Kumbha Bharani (February – March) in Kerala. The main rituas on the Kumbha Bharani day includes Ayiram Thiri Pooja and Ayiram Thiri Ottam. Aal Thookam is also observed in the temple. The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple include Shiva, Sastha, Nagaraja, Brahmarakshas, Yakshi, Ghandakarnan Swami and Pithrukkal.

Story - Shiva And Panchtarni On The Way To Amarnath Cave

Panchtarni is located in Anantnag District in Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is an important holy spot on the way to Amarnath Cave. The story of origin of Panchtarni Sarovar is associated with Shiva. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati wanted to know the secret of immortality of Shiva. Shiva chose the Amarnath Cave to reveal the secret. On his way to the cave with Goddess Parvati, Shiva left five elements here. The place where Shiva left the five elements later came to be known as Panchtarni. Symbolically dropping of five elements is dropping the body which is made of earth, water, air, fire and sky. On this way to the cave, Shiva had first abandoned Nandi, then his matted locks and Chandra, thirdly his Nagas, fourthly Ganesha and finally the five elements.

Annie Besant Thoughts

The breadth of Hinduism must not be narrowed, nor its wide extent be lessened. All aspects of truth are necessary, and all the coloured rays combine to make the one white beam of truth; therefore each should try to learn from others those aspects of truth that his own vision does not easily distinguish, and thus enrich and widen his knowledge. If truth is to rule the minds of men, differing in temperaments, differing in type, differing in the stage of evolution reached, it must be presented in different ways. India and Hinduism are one…make no mistake. Without Hinduism India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are struck, and torn out of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place. Annie Besant