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21 Names of Mangal Dev – For Relief Chant 21 names of Mars

If you are having trouble in horoscope of related to Mangal or Mars in Kundali or horoscope, then chant the 21 names of Mangal Dev. It is considered highly meritorious. The person finds relief to all mars related troubles in horoscope. The names should be chanted on Tuesday morning and evening. 21 Names of Mangal Dev ॐ मंगलाय नमः ॐ भूमि पुत्राय नमः ॐ ऋण हर्त्रे नमः ॐ धन प्रदाय नमः ॐ स्थिर आसनाय नमः ॐ महा कायाय नमः ॐ सर्व कामार्थ साधकाय नमः ॐ लोहिताय नमः ॐ लोहिताक्षाय नमः ॐ साम गानाम कृपा करे नमः ॐ धरात्मजाय नमः ॐ भुजाय नमः ॐ भौमाय नमः ॐ भुमिजाय नमः ॐ भूमि नन्दनाय नमः ॐ अंगारकाय नमः ॐ यमाय नमः ॐ सर्व रोग प्रहाराकाय नमः ॐ वृष्टि कर्ते नमः ॐ वृष्टि हराते नमः ॐ सर्व कामा फल प्रदाय नमः

What is Tantra in Hinduism?

Today there is lot of confusion and wrong meaning attributed to Tantra in Hinduism. Today tantra is considered a license to indulge in the sensual but tantra is anything but that. Tantra is not sex or a license to wanton lifestyle. Tantra is the channeling of human weaknesses by directing them towards God. Sri Ramakrishna used to say that if you want to cry, cry for God; if you want to desire something, desire God; and if you want to love, love God. Channelise or direct your impulses and instincts towards God. That is tantra. Tantra has various streams, but the goal of all the streams is to channelize all desires towards God. The basic philosophy of tantra is the divinization of desire — albeit in a different way — not by acceding to desires but by superseding them, by divinizing them. Desire creates problems. You take this desire away and channelise it towards something divine, something godly, something ennobling, and something that will elevate you. That is tantra. B

Dialogue Between Mughal Emperor Jahangir And Bengali Brahmin On Idol Worship

Mughal Emperor Jahangir argues with a Bengali Brahmin about the usefulness of idolatry. The emperor says that “Hindus make idols of clay, wood and stone, and by infusing life into these by means of spells, only worship evil spirits. The Brahmin retorts: Clay, wood or stone, all things movable or immovable contain God according to the Puranas as well as the Quran. He who makes images of Him with these only makes the intangible God tangible. He who contemplates only the intangible without the help of the tangible drops the gold and only ties an empty knot in this scarf. Nirad C. Chaudari - Hinduism (page 91 - 92)