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Keep These Five Plants at Home to Get Rich as Per Hindu Religion

There is a strong belief that keeping certain plants will attract money and wealth. Here are five plants as per Hindu religion that can make you rich soon. Crassula Plant or Money Tree Money Plant Bamboo Pomegranate Shoe flower Crassula Plant can be kept indoors or in front of the house.

Money plant can be kept indoor or in the northeast corner.

Pomegranate should be kept outdoor especially in front of the house.
Bamboo can be kept indoor or in the northwest corner of the plot

Shoe flower outdoor in the north side or east side of the house.

Ekadasi Jagran – Importance of Not Sleeping on Ekadasi Night

Not sleeping on Ekadasi night is part of this most important fasting dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is known as Jagran. The importance of not sleeping on Ekadasi night is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. Here are the merits and benefits of Ekadasi Jagran.

People who stay awake and read stories of Lord Vishnu wash away sins of all previous births. Apart from sin redemption, the person is also blessed with wisdom, peace, and prosperity.Those people who sing bhajans and dance praising Vishnu on Ekadasi night will get results equal to performing Yajnas like Athirathram.While performing jagran , a devotee should chant Vishnu Sahrasanama. Reading Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavad Purana helps in getting the blessings of the Lord.The virtue that one attains by lighting lamp in Vishnu Temple on Ekadasi night is not lost for several births.Offering prayers to Tulsi along with Vishnu at night helps in attaining moksha or liberation.Performing puja at ni…

Varahi Navratri

Varahi Navratri as as some communities dedicate the pujas during the period to Goddess Varahi. Varahi Navratri 2018 (dates) is from July 13, 2018 and ends on July 21, 2018. This Navratri is also known as Ashada Navratri as it is observed in the Ashad month as per traditional calendar followed in North India. This particular Navratri is mainly observed in North India and is for nine days from the first day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashada Mahina.

This nine-day worship is also known by the names of Gupt Navratri and Gayatri Navaratri. Goddess Varaha, one of the seven Matrikas of Devi Mahatmya, is worshipped during the period.

The most important event during the nine-day period is community worship of the nine forms of Durga or Shakti. Women in a locality gather in a household during evening and worship Mother Goddess.

In Himachal Pradesh, Guhya Navratri is observed during the period. Non-vegetarian food is avoided during the period.

The most important Navratri is …

Bajrang Baan Lyrics in Hindi – Download Bhajrang Baan in pdf

Bajrang Baan is a very popular prayer and bhajan dedicated to Lord Hanuman. You can read the lyrics below in Hindi. You can also download the prayer in pdf format. The prayer is chanted daily morning and evening for attaining strength, peace, prosperity and for fulfillment of desires. The mantra is chanted to over Shani related troubles.
You can download the pdf here - Bajraang Baan Lyrics in Hindi श्रीबजरंगबाणदोहा निश्चयप्रेमप्रतीतिते, विनयकरैसनमान।तेहिकेकारजसकलशुभ, सिद्धकरैंहनुमान॥
जयहनुमानसंतहितकारी।सुनिलीजैप्रभुविनयहमारी॥जनकेकाजबिलंबनकीजै।आतुरदौरिमहासुखदीजै॥ जैसेकूदिसिंधुकेपारा।सुरसाबदनपैठिविस्तारा॥आगेजायलंकिनीरोका।मारेहुलातगईसुरलोका॥ जायविभीषणकोसुखदीन्हा।सीतानिरखिपरमपदलीन्हा॥बागउजारिसिंधुमहँबोरा।अतिआतुरजमकातरतोरा॥ अक्षयकुमारमारिसंहारा।लूमलपेटिलंककोजारा॥लाहसमानलंकजरिगई।जयजयधुनिसुरपुरनभभई॥ अबबिलंबकेहिकारनस्वामी।कृपाकरहुउरअंतरयामी॥जयजयलखनप्राणकेदाता।आतुरहैव्दुखकरहुनिपाता॥ जयहनुमानजयतिबलसागर।

Pregnant Women Should Have These in Room as Per Hindu Beliefs for Good Health of Mother and Baby

As per Hindu beliefs, for good health of the mother and baby, pregnant women should have these in her room. Here are ten tips for pregnant women and family members to make an ideal environment as per Hindu religious beliefs for baby and mother.
A picture of Bal Gopal with Mata Yashoda is believed to help in creating the right spiritual and positive mood for the mother and baby.Picture of Sri Krishna eating butter is another good option in the room.Keeping peacock feather in the room is considered auspicious.Keeping yellow uncooked rice – rice mixed with turmeric – is considered mangal (auspicious). It helps in removing all forms of negative energy. It helps in protecting the baby.Walls of the bedroom should be rose or white in color. It ushers in happiness and improves spirituality. Keeping fresh flowers is a good way of keeping out negative energy and thoughts.Keep a picture of Ganesha if there is Vastu Dosh in the room.Always keep the room neat and clean, as it will help in having t…

Varshik Yagyotsav of Harimilap Mission

Harmilap Mission is dedicated to spreading the true values of Sanatana Dharma. And to absolve people of Kaliyuga from their sins. The headquarters of the mission, Shri Harmilap Bhavan, is located at Shravan Nath Nagar in Haridwar in Uttarakhand. The 111th Varshik Yagyotsav will be held from July 9 to July 11, 2018 at the Harmilap Bhavan in Haridwar.

The mission was founded by Shri Harmilap Sahib ji. He was the first Gurudev of the pious Gaddi. Current Guru Shri Madan Mohan Harmilapi ji Maharaj is the 12th Gurudev.

Teachings of Harmilap Mission

Help the poor and needy is the main aim of the mission. As per the mission, serving those who are undergoing trouble is better than prayer.

One should not hurt another person physically or mentally. A follower of Harmilapi should always help a suffering person realize the greatness of God.

Hari (God) is present in all then why should one get angry or have hatred for another living being.
Win hatred with love, anger with patience, greed with happ…

What to eat during Santoshi Mata Vrat?

Santoshi Mata Vrat is observed for 16 continuous Fridays and therefore it is known as Solah Shukravar Vrat. The fast is from sunrise to sunset. So what to eat during Santoshi Mata Vrat?

Sour food (कट्टा)  should not be eaten on Fridays. Acchar (अचार ) should not be eaten.

You can eat Sabudana Khichadi (साबूदाना खिचड़ी ). Fruits which are not sour. Milk (दुध) . Water.
The fast should be broken by eating roasted Chana ke dal (चना के दाल)  (horse gram) and jaggery.

Santoshi Maa Katha – The Story of Santoshi Matha

Tree Associated with Lord Krishna

The tree associated with Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the Kadamba Tree (Burflower tree - Anthocephalus Cadamba). As per the Srimad Bhagavad Purana, Sri Krishna climbed on a Kadamba tree after stealing the clothes of gopis. It is also said in the same Purana, that Krishna played his flute sitting on a Kadamba tree.
The symbol of the tree is also the symbol of the tree of life – with its abundant and simultaneous flowering and fruiting, and its sheltering of animal life. The roots of the tree are in the nether world in the mound of water, while its crown reaches far up into the sky. The tree thus represents the simultaneity and the interpenetration of human, natural and divine realms. (Source - Book titled Krishna by Shanta Rameshwar Rao)

Kadamba tree is also worshipped in Varanasi and other regions in North India.

Sri Krishna and Radha used to meet under the Kadamba Tree. Thus the tree is associated with lovers. He used to swing on the branches of tree and used to dance with the Gopis unde…

Becoming nobody from being somebody – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Becoming nobody from being somebody.

I want to be somebody important. Many people are stuck here.

Even teachers get stuck here. If you don’t give them a proper seat, it pushes their button. No matter that they might have won everything else over, but they will become attached to the seat, to their position. This is getting stuck in being somebody.

What difference does it make if I sit on the sofa or if I sit there out on the carpet? It does not make any difference! I remain what I am.
You get stuck being somebody. Either: I am too special or I am hopeless or I am nasty, I am useless or I am no good. This is also being somebody. Therefore being nobody is the thing. Going from being somebody to being nobody is the first step.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Hindu Calendar Today – June 20, 2017 – Tithi, Vrat, Good - Auspicious Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festivals

Tithi in Hindu Calendar, Today, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 – Krishna Paksha Ekadasi Tithi or eleventh day during the waning phase of moon inHindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It isKrishna Paksha Ekadasi Tithi or the eleventh day during the waning phase of moon till 6:00 PMon June 20. Then onward it isKrishna Paksha Dwadasi Tithi or the twelfth day during the waning phase of moon till 3:45 PMon June 21. All time based on India Standard Time.
How is June 20, 2017 as per Hindu Panchang? – Good and auspicious time on the entire day Nakshatra – Ashwini or Ashwathy Nakshatra till 11:55 AM on June 20. Then onward it is Bharani Nakshatram till 10:30 AM on June 21
In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and south Rajasthan), Ashwini or Ashwathy Nakshatra till 3:43 PM on June 20. Then onward it is Bharani Nakshatram till 1:27 PM on June 21.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Mesha Rashi.
In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and south Rajasthan), it is Mesha Rashi.