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Dos and Don’ts When Keeping Idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Home and Shops

When keeping idols of Hindu gods and goddesses in home and shops there are few things, you need to take care of. Idols in puja area, or at the sacred place, in house and business establishments is meant to create positive energy. Positive energy helps in alleviating all forms of troubles. Certain types of idols should be avoided. Here are the dos and don’ts regarding the placing of idols of Hindu gods and goddesses for puja purpose.
  1. The backside of the idol should never be visible while performing prayers and puja. The backside of the idol should be covered properly.
  2. Two idols of the same god or goddess should not be worshiped in the puja area. This might result in constant fights at the place.
  3. Broken idols and torn paintings, pictures and photos should not be used for worship. Broken and torn murtis of Bhagavan should be buried. They should not be abandoned or thrown into rivers or lakes.
  4. The murtis used for worship should always be in blessing posture. The face should be happy or peaceful. Angry posture might result in attracting negative energy.
  5. Murtis depicting gods and goddesses participating in war should not be used in puja area especially of homes and business establishments.