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Why Dhyan Is Of Greatest Importance Today?

Dhyan means to think or to contemplate. It also means to drop all the thoughts and sit in meditation by focusing between the eyebrows. Dhyan is of greatest importance today because we are surrounded by lot of misinformation. We can get swayed and cheated and surrender our soul and body.

Dhyan is important to a believer and non-believer.

You need to be mindful about the information that you hear, read and watch. There is lot of propaganda going on. We are constantly bombarded with breaking news. There is a constant attempt of one-upmanship.

Stop following, reading and listening to the verbal diarrhea of news anchors, politicians, fake gurus, preachers, liberals and other people who have an hidden agenda.

Think before you reply and never get involved in unwanted arguments. Never be a follower of people, political party, ideology or a sect. When you are a follower, you are forced to defend what you are following even if it is wrong.

Dhyan should be used to stay away from all those factors that are not helping in achieving a peaceful and happy life on earth.

Sitting in a quiet place and contemplating about god is no longer possible as the next moment we are bombarded with worthless information capable of swaying of our senses.

We cannot escape from information but we can make sure we are hearing the right information.

To a believer dhyan should be employed to stay focused on the ultimate goal of self-realization (moksha or liberation). Dhyan should be used to thwart all the attempts to sway our senses and take us away from our goal.