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Kuber Kunji as per Hindu Religion Scriptures

Thousands of people are buying Kuber Kunji with hope of making instant money and becoming wealthy. Here is a review of the product sold in many markets, online and through television. There is no scripture in Hindu Religion which states that it will make you wealthy overnight.

Kuber is the Hindu God associated with money, wealth and material possessions. His importance stems from the fact that he distributes wealth wisely among people. 

Kuber Kunji is a key like object with image of Kubera and it is gold plated. There are designs in it to make look like a divine product.

First of all Kuber Kunji is not going to make you wealthy overnight. There is no scripture in Hinduism that states that you will get money by simply worshipping Kuber Kunji. To become wealthy you need to work hard, be wise and be honest to your profession.

Products like Kuber Kunji give the impression that it has magical powers. This is wrong.

Use your commonsense before buying such products. Why would someone want to sell such a product? He should keep to himself and become rich.

If all people could become wealth by buying a product worth thousand rupees then what is the value of hard work?

Sri Krishna clearly mentions in the Bhagavad Gita that he blesses those people with success who work with single minded focus. Do hard work and be dedicated you will become rich.