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Itagi Mahadeva Temple in Karnataka

Itgai is a small village located in northern part of Karnataka and is famous for temples of the 12th and 13th century AD built by the Chalukyas of Kalyana. The most outstanding among the temples is the Mahadeva Temple built by Mahadeva, a minister of Vikramaditya VI in 1112 AD. The famous tourist center Hampi is around 70 km south. Badami is 80 km north of Itagi.

The temple is dedicated to the Mahadeva form of Lord Shiva. The deity is worshipped in the form of a Shivling.

The Mahadeva Temple is 36.60 m long and 20 m wide, with an only opening to the east. The temple has a sanctum sanctorum, passage, navaranga and an open mandapa.

The navranga, which has entrances from north and south, has 26 pillars turned on a lathe. The pillars are noted for its intricate carvings.

The outer mandapa has a set of 42 pillars.

The ceilings have geometric designs and the doorways are noted for its floral designs.

The niches on the outer walls have a miniature tower. The kirtikukha carvings here are noteworthy.

The other three important temples in Itagi are dedicated to Shiva, Narayana and Vishnu.

The shrine is around 50 km from Koppal. The nearest important town is Kuknur is 7 km away.

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