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Lolark Kund Varanasi – Lolark Chhath

Lolark Kund is a holy pond located near the Asi-Ganga River confluence in Varanasi. Surya, Sun God in Hinduism, descended to earth and bathed in the holy pond. Lolark Kund 2024 date is September 9. Thousands of childless couples take a holy dip in the pond on the day, which is also known as Lolark Chhath.

Key information about Lolark Kund and Lolark Chhath in Varanasi:
  • The most important holy dip in the pond takes place on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Sashti (the sixth day during the waxing or bright phase of moon in Bhadrapad month).
  • The holy dip in the pond begins on Sashti (or Chhath) during Shukla Paksha in Bhadrapad month and continues for 16 days.
  • The popular belief is that bathing in the pond helps in curing infertility. Thousands of childless couples attend the ritual every year.
  • Lolark Kund means ‘the pond of the trembling sun’.
  • When the holy dip is undertaken by sons and daughters, the virtue of it reaches the dead ancestors.
  • Holy dip here during the period also helps in finding relief to skin diseases.
  • Holy bath here helps in curing leprosy.
  • The popular belief is that an Aghori Sadhu, Kina Ram, blessed a barren woman here with children and she gave to three healthy children in the next three years.
  • After taking bath in the Lolark Kund some devotees visit the Kinaram ashram and take holy dip in the Krimi Kund here.