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Things to Remember While Installing Shivling at Home

Many Hindus have a desire to install Shivling at home but are scared if they will commit some mistake and invite wrath of Shiva. Those who have Shivling have doubts as to whether they are doing the puja and prayers properly. Here are few things to remember while installing Shivling at home.

  • Do not bring Shivling to home if you cannot do daily puja. It should not be abandoned after the initial enthusiasm.
  • The Shivling that is worshipped in home should be small. Less than the size of your palm.
  • A picture of Goddess Parvati and Ganesha should be worshipped along with the Shivling.
  • The Shivling should be kept in an open place in home. It should not be kept in a small confined area.
  • The Shivling should be kept neat and clean after puja. All flowers and puja offerings should be removed after the puja.
  • The Shivling should be bathed with water morning and evening. It is even better if you can have drops of water falling throughout the day on it as in temples.
  • No Bilva leaves or bel patra – While worshipping Shivling at home, do not offer Bel patra as it attracts energy not suitable for home.
  • It is better to avoid worshipping Shivling at home with milk. Even if you want to do just sprinkle room temperature milk of cow. Avoid packet milk. The best option is water.
  • When transferring Shivling from one location to another you need to keep it inside water.