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Be Happy With Whatever We Have Achieved Until Now - Hindu Blog Quotes and Quips

A collection of quotes and quips from Hindu Blog

Be happy with whatever we have achieved until now.

Wish for a better tomorrow but at the same time try to be happy with the present achievements.

Happiness and contentment should not be based on external factors. It should be always internal.

Scope of improvement in life does not mean we have failed in life until now. Be proud of what we have achieved until now and try to improve upon it.

Mayuranathar Temple - Tamil Nadu

The best way to start mental healing is by admitting our mistakes and by rectifying them.

Do not blame other people and circumstances to justify our bad behavior and for hurting others.

Bottled negative emotions are like the aerated drink, it will blast open anytime causing serious damages.

Stop drowning in the well of self-doubt. Love ourselves for the way we are.

Turn words into action and do something for nature by polluting less and by buying responsibly.

How we feel about ourselves and others have a direct connection with our physical and mental wellbeing.

We commit serious mistakes in our relationships and our greatest fault is not to be aware of it.

Confess for once and for all and come out of guilt and misery.

An ideal way to cleanse internal hatred and resentment is by talking it out once and for all and moving ahead with life.

Resentment does more harm than we can imagine. It causes mental and physical problems. Overcome resentment by coming out of the small space we have deliberately moved into. Come out of it and see the bigger world. Our resentment has no value in the big world.


All relationships have its share of troubles