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Goddess Binikei – Information about Maa Binikia

Goddess Binikei, also referred as Maa Binikia, is a manifestation of Mother Goddess and is worshipped mainly in Odisha. She is also a tantric deity. The main temple dedicated to the Goddess is located at Binikei in Angul District in Orissa and is known as Binikei Pitha. Goddess Binikei is fierce goddess. She is seen as standing on a man. She also holds the body of another man. Thus the murti symbolizes destruction of evil and protection of devotees. She removes darkness caused by people practicing Adharma. She upholds righteousness by protecting those who practice Dharma. She is worshipped for peace, prosperity, protection, healthy children, early cure of diseases and for victory over enemies.

Why Is Banana Plant Erected At The Entrance Of The Venue Of Hindu Marriage?

In a Hindu wedding, especially in South India, at the entrance of the marriage venue a full-grown banana with their peduncles (stalk bearing banana fruit and flower) is erected. Ever wondered why it is erected? It is erected because Banana plant symbolizes female beauty, fertility and prosperity. A single banana plant produces dozens of young ones. Thus, the plant symbolically represents fertility and prosperity. Banana is also considered highly auspicious, as it is one fruit that is offered to all Hindu deities on all days.