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Rohini Nakshatra – Information – Importance of Rohini Birth Star

Rohini Nakshatra is the fourth birth star in Hindu astrology. The importance of birth star stems from the fact that Sri Krishna was born under this star in the month of Shravan.

The star has a longitude of 40 degrees and 01 seconds to 53 degrees and 20 seconds and it has the shape of a car. The nakshatra is entirely in Vrishabha Rashi.

The presiding deity of Rohini Nakshatram is Brahma. The ruling planet of the birth star is moon. A person born under this star will begin his life with a moon period.

Rohini is known as upward looking star and is considered good for planting. Rohini is auspicious for naming, commencement of learning, thread ceremony, marriage and other auspicious functions.

Rohini Nakshatra is considered not good for entering a house for dwelling purpose.

Generally, a person born under this star will be handsome, capable, rich, clever and religious. The person might suffer from eye diseases.

There is also a belief among some communities that this star is not good for …

Jhoola Mahotsav in Mathura and Vrindavan

Jhoola Mahotsav is a 13-day long festival observed from Shravan Shukla Paksha Tritiya to Purnima in Mathura, Vrindavan and the entire Braj Mandal. The festival is also of great importance at the famous Dwarkadheesh Temple in Mathura.

During Jhoola Mahotsav the murtis of Radha and Krishna are swing on a palna made of gold and silver.

The ritual is performed in temples, mutts and sacred places associated with Lord Krishna in the Brajmandal.

Melodious songs are sung during the occasion.
Various types of Prasad are made and distributed among devotees.