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Goddess Shubhoconi – Goddess of Auspicious Beginning in Eastern Parts of India

Shubosuconi means good beginnings. Goddess Shubhoconi is local deity worshipped in Bengal, parts of Assam, Orissa and Jharkhand. Puja of her brings good luck and prosperity. Women perform the rituals and puja associated with Goddess Shubhoconi. Goddess is mainly worshipped when daughter returns to her maternal home for first time after marriage. It is also performed for the wellbeing of pregnant women. The puja is offered to a metal pot with picture of duck drawn on its sides. A popular story associated with the worship of Goddess Shubhoconi – involves a boy, his mother, a king and a duck. It is said that the boy once stole a lame duck. The duck belonged to the king. The mother of the boy chided her son for stealing the duck. Next day the king’s soldiers found about the robbery and imprisoned the son. The mother did not know what to do. She fell unconscious and she had a dream. In the dream, an old woman told her to perform puja to Goddess Shubhoconi. She woke up