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Vishnu Represents Which among Five Elements in Panchayatana form of Worship

Panchayatana form of worship introduced by Adi Shankaracharya has assigned one element to one of the five deities in Hinduism. Vishnu is the embodiment of Aakasha Mahabhuta (ether or space). The five elements are ether/space, air, fire, water and earth. The five deities in Panchayatana form of worship are Vishnu, Mother Goddess, Ganesha, Surya and Shiva.

In this concept, the five deities are worshipped in the form of sacred stones found in five holy rivers.
Bhagavan Vishnu the embodiment of Aakasha Mahabhuta is worshipped with Saligrama found in the Gandaki River in Nepal.

Temple with ponds in the shape of Conch – Wheel – Mace – Lotus – attributes of Vishnu

Narahari Parvatha Sadashiva Temple, located atop Narahari Hill in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka, is dedicated to Mahadeva Shiva but the temple also has four unique water bodies or small ponds. These small ponds are in the shape of Shanka (Conch), Chakra (Wheel), Gada (Mace) and Padma (Lotus). These are important attributes of Bhagavan Vishnu.

Taking holy dip in the four ponds in the temple is considered highly meritorious. There is rush of devotees for holy dip on Mondays in Kartik Month (November – December) as per traditional lunar calendar in Karnataka.

Legend has it Nara and Hari forms of Bhagavan Vishnu did penance on the hill.