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Vritraghni – Why Saraswati River is known as Vritraghni?

Vritraghni is a name used to refer to Saraswati River and Goddess Saraswati in the Rig Veda. The story is associated with killing of demon Vrita. Legend has it that Demon Vritra removed moisture from earth and thus making earth dry.

Due to the evil activities of Vritra, the earth became barren and living beings began to perish. There was death everywhere and no birth.

Indra subdued the demon Vritra with the weapon Vajra.

Goddess Saraswati assisted Indra in annihilating Demon Vritra.
For this divine act, Saraswati River is called Vritraghni, the feminine form of Indra’s epithet Vritrahan.

Draksharamam Temple – Bhimeswara Swamy temple at Draksharamam in Andhra Pradesh

Draksharamam Temple is one of the Pancharama Kshetras – five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Draksharamam Temple is located around 28 km from Kakinada; 50 km from Rajahmundry and 25 Km from Amalapuram. The shrine is located on the east banks of Godavari River. Draksharama means the abode of Daksha Prajapati (father of Goddess Sati).

Unique Shivling at Draksharamam Bhimeswara Swamy Temple

The Shivling worshipped in the Bhimeswara Swamy temple at Draksharamam is 9 feet high. The shrine is two storied. The darshan of the Shivling is in two parts. At the ground level, a devotee can have darshan of the lower part of the Shivling. Then one has to climb a couple of steps to reach the next floor for the darshan of the upper part of the Shivling.

A huge Nandi faces the Shivling. The temple complex has murtis of nagas and other Shivlings with Nandi facing it.

Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Bhimanatha and Mother Goddess Shakti is worshipped here as Manikyamba.

The temple is also one of the As…

Yoga Vasishta – Wise Words To Make Us Realize Everything is Brahman

He who reckons the rays as non-different from the sun and realizes that they are the sun itself is stated to be nirvikalpa (the undifferentiating man).

Just as the cloth, when investigated, is seen to be nothing but thread, so also this world, when enquired into, is (seen to be) merely the Self.

This fascinating world rises like a wave in the ambrosial ocean of consciousness and dissolves in it. How then can it be different from it (i.e. consciousness) in the middle (i.e. when it appears)?

Just as the foam, the waves, the dew and the bubbles are not different from water, even so this world which has come out of the Self is not different from the Self.

Just as a tree consisting of fruits, leaves, creepers, flowers, branches, twigs and roots, exists in the seed of the tree, even so this manifest world exists in Brahman.
Just as the pot (ultimately) goes back to mud, waves into water and ornaments into gold, so also this world which has come out of the Self (ultimately) goes back to the…