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Tripureswari Temple at Udaipur in Tripura

Tripureswari Temple is located at Udaipur in Tripura and is a one of the 51 Shaktipeetahs in India. The main murti worshipped in temple is that of Goddess Kali in Sodasi form (sixteen year old). It is made of reddish black stone - Kastik Pathar. The temple is mentioned in the Kalika Purana.

The temple is also known as Kurmapitha. The popular belief is that left foot of Goddess Sati fell here after the infamous Daksha Yajna incident mentioned in the Puranas.

Apart from the main murti, there is a small murti in the temple known as Chotto Maa. This murti was earlier taken along with during hunting expeditions.

The most important date in the temple is the Diwali Amavasya day.

The holy pond in the temple is known as Kalyan Sagar – it is home to rare fishes and tortoises.

The temple is a popular center of Shakt Worship in Tripura. Sorashi Kali Mata is the third Mahavidya.