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Seven Lakes in Ujjain – Location and Unique Offerings Made at the Seven Holy Spots

There are seven holy lakes (water bodies or ponds) in Ujjain. Unique offerings are made here. The seven lakes are:

  1. Rudra Sagar
  2. Pushkar Sagar
  3. Kshir Sagar
  4. Govardhan Sagar
  5. Vishnu Sagar
  6. Purushottam Sagar
  7. Ratnakar Sagar
Rudra Sagar is located between Harsiddhi and Mahakaleshwar temples. The main offerings here are salt and idols of Nandi.

Pushkar Sagar is located north of Sakhipur at Nalia Bakhal. The offerings here are yellow cloth and chana ki dal.

Kshir Sagar is located near Yogeshwar Tekri on Nai Sarak. Offerings here include milk, utensils and gold.

Govardhan Sagar is located at nikas chowraka. Offerings here include butter, sugar cakes, pot filled with molasses and red cloth.

Vishnu Sagar is located between Ram Janardan Mandir and Sandipani Ashram. Offerings here are idols of Vishnu, panchapatra, tarbhana and achmani.

Purushottam Saga is located between Idgah and Purushottam temple near Indira Nagar colony. Offering here is Malpua put in a chalni.

Ratnakar Sagar is located at Undasa Village. Clothes of women, cosmetics and pancharatna.