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Draksharamam Temple – Bhimeswara Swamy temple at Draksharamam in Andhra Pradesh

Draksharamam Temple is one of the Pancharama Kshetras – five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Draksharamam Temple is located around 28 km from Kakinada; 50 km from Rajahmundry and 25 Km from Amalapuram. The shrine is located on the east banks of Godavari River. Draksharama means the abode of Daksha Prajapati (father of Goddess Sati).

Unique Shivling at Draksharamam Bhimeswara Swamy Temple

The Shivling worshipped in the Bhimeswara Swamy temple at Draksharamam is 9 feet high. The shrine is two storied. The darshan of the Shivling is in two parts. At the ground level, a devotee can have darshan of the lower part of the Shivling. Then one has to climb a couple of steps to reach the next floor for the darshan of the upper part of the Shivling.

A huge Nandi faces the Shivling. The temple complex has murtis of nagas and other Shivlings with Nandi facing it.

Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Bhimanatha and Mother Goddess Shakti is worshipped here as Manikyamba.

The temple is also one of the Ashta Dasa Peethas – 18 temples of Goddess Shakti.

Believed to have been constructed in 10th century AD, it is a massive temple. There are vey sculptures which is unlike other South Indian temples. A huge pond is located in the temple compound.

Important Festivals

The most important festivals observed here are Navratri, Mondays in Kartik month, Sri Swamyvari birthday on Margashirsh Shudha Chaturdasi, Sashti festival in December, Swamyvari  Kalyanam or divine marriage on Bhishma Ekadasi in Magh month and Shivratri.

Draksharamam Temple Timings
Morning darshan time is from
6 AM to 11:30 AM
Evening darshan time is from
4 PM to around 8 PM