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Triprayar Shiva Yogini Amma Birth Anniversary

Shiva Yogini Amma was a master mystic who traversed new realms of experience in her spiritual quest. Her birth anniversary or birthday is on February 22, 2025. Her Ashram is located at Triprayar in Kerala. It was only after a decade of her Samadhi that public began to get an idea that a great spiritual Guru had existed among them.

Her birth anniversary is annually observed on the Thriketta Nakshatra day in Kumbham Month.

The life of Shiva Yogini Amma, Parapur Amma, Ooragatha Amma or simply Amma as she was called, is a testimony to the unusual human type. She used her early life with disease, as a condition given to her for god realization and in an orthodox social culture that of pre-partitioned India she earned the respect and reverence of all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender. When articles on her amazing life appeared in the Kerala newspapers she put a full stop to it saying in the language characteristics to her ordinary type that she did not wish to be talked about or advertised. Amma did not let anybody write about her and told her disciples and close associates that if such a need was felt, they could write about her life only twelve and a half years after her Samadhi. (Source – from the preface of the book titled – The Master Mystic The Life of Shiva Yogini Amma)