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Nooranad Padanilam Temple Festival 2025 - Kettukazhcha

Nooranad Padanilam Temple is located in Alappuzha district and is around 18 km from Kayamkulam and around 12 km from Adoor. The most famous festival or utsavam in the temple is the Kettukazhcha or Kettulsavam observed on the Shivratri day. Nooranad Padanilam Temple Festival and Kettukazhcha 2025 date is February 26.

In the morning on the day, special Kavadiyattam is observed and it is dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya.

The famous Kettulsavam or Kettukazhcha is observed in the evening. In the ritual, tall, colorful effigies of bulls (symbolically representing Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva) arrive at the shrine. 18 different areas of the region bring their bulls to the shrine on the day. The effigies are pulled on wooden chariot.

Kettulsavam from the 18 different areas of the village come to the temple at around 4 PM on Shivratri day. The rituals and festivities end at midnight.

Nooranad Padanilam Temple Information

Nooranad Padanilam Temple is dedicated to Parabrahma. The deity is worshipped on the platform (althara) around Peepal tree. The prathishta here is shila and faces east. Puja can be performed during any time of the day. A lamp is lit continuously from morning to evening. 

The temple was one among the 18 padanilams of Kayamkulam kings.

The murti worshipped in the temple are Parabrahma dominated by Shaiva rituals. 

The temple now belongs to 18 karas and each of the kara has a separate kettukazhcha during the festival.

Vrischika mahotsavam is celebrated on the first 12 days of the Malayalam month of vrischikam. Panthrandu Vilakku is held on the 12th day. 

It is said that in 1903 CE, a new revenue division was created with 100 Karas and hence the name Nooranad (noor means hundred).