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Is it the Poor Hindus That Mostly Die in Hindu Temple Stampedes?

Stampedes are a regular phenomenon in Hindu temples and religious places. Every year hundreds of people die in stampedes small and big. Anil Chamadia looks into the class divide in the unfortunate incidents. He wonders whether it is poor Hindus who mainly die during stampedes.
DNA reports 
But it is undisputed that almost 95 per cent of such deaths occur during various celebrations at Hindu religious places. A study of the background of unnatural deaths indicates that the most affected are the weak and the infirm. Also, the majority of victims are women and children.
We have to consider whether such stampedes are a part and parcel of religious ceremonies. It is disturbing to note that of late the tempo of such incidents has increased. These can be viewed as managerial deficiencies and so they do not confront us as a problem. The Centre washes its hands of by saying that law-and-order is a state subject. 
The apathy of state governments can be gauged from the fact that the report of any such investigation by the Odisha government cannot be traced. The problem of stampede and the resultant deaths are not limited to just administrative failures of the government in controlling the crowds. There is more to it.