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Arbudi and Nyarbudi – Vedic Gods

Arbudi and Nyarbudi are two gods mentioned in the Vedas. They are the companions of Indra. They are prayed to for success in battle. Arbudi and Nyarbudi cover the atmosphere and the great earth.

The deities have a huge army and they help human beings in winning battles by dispersing and piercing the enemies.

They terrify the enemy by giving them a glimpse of the arms, the arrows, the power of bows, the swords, the axes and other weapons.

They also show to enemies the demons and pisachas produced by magical spells or huge meteors in the sky.

Arbudi and Nyarbudi play psychological warfare – they scare the enemies before they venture into the battlefield. The scared enemies are then easily crushed and overpowerd.

According to Sayana, Arbudi and Nyarbudi are sons of Serpent Sage Arbuda. According to Kaushika, the two deities are personifications of the weapons used in the warfare during Vedic times.