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Spirituality is needed when we are in the middle of our life not at the end of it – Prabhuda Bharata

Religion and spirituality are for the old. That is what the young generally think. They think that spirituality is a post-retirement plan; something which has to be enjoyed with the gratuity, provident fund, and pension that you get after retirement. This is not true. It is not only the fault of the youth that they think in this manner.

Spirituality is something we need when we are in the middle of our life, not just at the end of it. It is what you need when you are in the heat of the moment, when you are juggling with alternatives, when you are at a loss what to do, when you want to take a road but are still standing perplexed at the crossroads. That is when you need spirituality. That is when you need to get a hold on yourself. Not on your puny self, the construct of your body and mind, but on your true self that is beyond time, space, and causation.

 Imagine the endless possibilities that would open up if you were aware of this true personality of yours and when you realize that you cannot be limited by anything, not just as a figure of speech, but literally, anything. That is when your life begins. And that cannot happen without contemplation, without some soul-searching, without putting behind your body and mind — essentially everything that you presently consider to be you.

Prabuddha BharataEditorial – May 2015