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Pampady Pampumkavu Temple near Thiruvilwamala Thrissur Kerala

Pampady Pampumkavu Temple is a popular shrine dedicated to Nagaraja in Kerala. Serpents are worshipped here from the time of Parashuram. The shrine is dedicated to Shiva and Nagas. This important center of snake worship in Kerala is located at Pampady near Thiruvilwamala in Thrissur District, Kerala.

Pampadi means ‘dancing snakes’ and the origin of Sree Nagaraja of Pampumkavu is associated with Parashurama Avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu.

There are no murtis in the shrine. Shiva and Nagas are worshipped here in the form of a termite mound.

Story of Orgin of Pampady Pampumkavu Temple
Legend has it that when Parashurama created Kerala from the sea, there were thousands of snakes roaming on the newly created land. People were scared to reside in the land. Parashurama prayed to Shiva for a solution.

Shiva asked Parashurama to offer prayers to Vasuki who is the Nagaraja.

He then performed intense austerities to please Vasuki. Finally, he appeared before Parashurama.
Parashurama told him that his people could not reside in the land as it was filled with poisonous snakes.

Vasuki then asked Parashurama to designate a place for snakes in the new land. The place that was suggested was Pampady. A sage used to perform prayers to Shiva and therefore the place already had the presence of Shiva.

Shiva then asked the sage to offer equal prayers to him and the nagas. The sage did as told and the nagas started residing here happily.

Nagaraja and Naga Kanyaka are worshipped here in the form of termite mounds.

The most important festival here is the Ayilyam Nakshatram in Kanni Masam (September or October).