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Pambummekkattu Mana at Vadama Village near Mala in Kerala

Pambummekkattu Mana in Kerala is a temple associated with Nagas or Snakes. It is located at Vadama Village near Mala in Thrissur, Kerala. Snake Vasuki and Nagayakshi are present at Pambummekkattu Mana. The place is around 10 km from Chalakudy. This is a family run temple and Mana here stands for the house of Brahmins in Kerala. Thus it is not a temple in the conventional sense.

Pambummekkattu Mana is spread over six acres of land with five kavus or sacred grove dedicated to Snakes. Snake gods are present in and around the place and they are known as ‘traditions’ of Pambummekkattu Mana.

The sanctum sanctorum of Snake Vasuki (Nagaraja) and Nagayakshi is located in the Kizhakkini or eastern part of the Pambummekkattu Mana. Regular pujas are performed here daily during morning hours only.

The oil from the lamps, which are always lit, is used medicine for skin diseases.  A shrine dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali is also located here.

Legend has it that Snake Vasuki first appeared before an elder of the house. The elder person of the house asked him stay here, which was agreed, and Nagayakshi soon followed Snake Vasuki and made Pambummekkattu Mana their abode.

The main offering here is noorum paalum (offered only during auspicious days) and kadali pazham (a type of banana).

Ayiliyam in Kanni Masam, first day of Vrichika Masam, Thiruvonam to Bharani in the month of Meenam and Medam 10th are the important dates in the temple.