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Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya – Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya

Legend has it that after returning to Ayodhya, Bhagvan Sri Ram invited Hanuman to be with Him and the place where Hanuman stayed in Ayodhya is the Hanuman Garhi. This is a very crowded Hanuman Temple with numerous murtis of gods and goddesses. The temple has murtis associated with Ramayana and also thousands of Shaligram Stone.

The present temple structure was built in 1675 AD. The temple was rebuilt later and reflects influence of Mughal architecture.

One has to climb around 200 steep steps and pass through an imposing gate to reach the ancient temple.

The main Hanuman murti faces north and only the face is visible. There are also murtis of Sri Ram and Sita in the sanctum sanctorum. Nearly 70 Ashtadhatu murtis are also found in the sanctum. There are also murtis of Shaligram Gopal, Lakshmi, Jagannath and Shani Dev in the sanctum.

Murtis of Bharat, Shatrughna and Mandawi are found outside the main Sanctum.

In front of the Verandah, Ram Durbar and murti of Hanuman made of Kasaut Stones can be found.

Behind the main temple is a murti of Narasimha. 1, 25, 000 Shaligram can also be found behind the temple.

A murti of Goddess Durga established by Luv and Kush, sons of Sri Ram and Mata Sita, is also found in the behind of the main temple.

The main temple is noted for its geometrical design and floral pictures on gates and walls.

Saints, numbering more than 700, belonging to the Nirwani Akhada reside in the temple.

The most important festivals in the temple are Hanuman Jayanti and Choti Diwali.