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Ekvira Devi Temple Navratri Festival in Amravati

Navratri at Ekvira Devi Temple, at Amravati in Maharashtra, is observed in Ashwin month. It is one of the most popular Shakti temples in Amravati District. The 2024 Navratri festival at Ekvira Devi Temple is from October 3 to October 12, 2024. The 9-day annual Navratri festival attracts thousands of people to this popular Shakti Shrine in Maharashtra.

Amravati Ekvira Devi Temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti.  Ekvira Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Shakti, is worshipped mainly in Maharashtra.

Rituals associated with Goddess Durga are performed during the nine-day period at the temple.

Ashtami and Navami during Navratri are the most important dates here.

Ekvira Devi Temple Navratri Festival in Amravati is annually held from Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi to Navami tithi or the first to ninth day of waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.