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Brahma Temple in Pushkar Rajasthan

There are only few temples exclusively dedicated to Hindu God Brahma in the world. The most famous Brahma Temple is located in Pushkar in Rajasthan. It is an important pilgrim center and is located in the heart of Pushkar town.

The Brahma Temple is a small one but is very impressive. In the front of the temple, two small temples dedicated to Lord Kubera and Indra can be found. They are the dwarpalakas who stop all invisible entrants to the shrine.

Marble steps lead up to the temple. The first sighting here is the silver turtle embossed on the floor facing the sanctum sanctorum. Hundreds of silver coins are also embedded on the floor.The walls and floor of the temple are studded with silver coins. Devotees in memory of the dead and during birthdays place these silver coins.

Images of peacock, vehicle Goddess Saraswati, consort of Brahma, are also drawn on the walls of the shrine.

The murti of Brahma worshiped here is in life-size form with four hands and four faces. The murti is in seated form. Goose or hamsa the vehicle of Brahma is located on the gateway of the shrine.

There is also a small murti of Goddess Gayatri in the sanctum sanctorum and she is known as Chaumurti.

In the temple complex there is a small cave, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.