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How to make Kavadi for Muruga?

Kavadi is one of the offerings made to Lord Muruga. Here is a brief description on how to make Kavadi a traditional simple Kavadi. Today, there are numerous different types of Kavadi. Some are noted for their unique designs.

Kavadi consists of three parts, namely, the horizontal rod, the semi-circular arch and the hanging weights or carriers.

The horizontal rod is made of solid bamboo about three inches in diameter.

At both ends of the rod the carrier vessels of equal weight are hung.

A semi-circular arch made of split bamboo sticks connects these two ends; the upper portion of it is covered by thick red saffron colored cloth.

This arch design helps to balance the middle rod on the shoulder.

The stick and the arch is decorated artistically using flowers, clothes etc.

Vermilion and turmeric are applied on the vessels or basked that is hung on both sides.

Smalls bells are also tied to the kavadi stick.

It is also decorated with peacock feathers.