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Goddess Mangala Chandika – About Goddess Mangalachandika

Goddess Mangala Chandika is an aspect of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is also one of the twenty four aspects of Goddess Kali. Mangalachandika is kind and loving form of Goddess Kali.

Mangala Chandika always does good to her children. She is patient and forgives the mistakes of her children.

It is said that at the beginning of the cycle of a creation she is kind and loving and as a cycle of creation nears its end, she becomes fierce and destructive. Symbolically it suggests that when there is Dharma, She is good and when Adharma dominates, she becomes all devouring Mother.

As per one school of thought, Goddess Mangalachandika is born from the face of Mulaprakriti. Those who follow dharma and worship her are blessed with healthy children, wealth, reputation and welfare.