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Astangi Devi – About Goddess Astangi Devi

Astangi Devi is the Goddess worshipped by some communities of central India. Legend has it that a virgin, Astangi Devi was impregnated by Vayu, the Hindu wind god. She gave birth to Suraj, the sun, and Chandra, the moon goddess.

At that time, humans only ate twigs.

Astangi Devi then invented rice, bamboo and other plants to provide nourishing food to her twins.
However, a jealous man set fire to her farm.

While putting out the fire, Astangi Devi let sparks fly into the heaven, which became the stars.
She then sent her children to live in the sky.

While sending her children, she patted her daughter on the cheek. Marks visible on the moon’s face that we see today is the result of her patting.