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Rama’s Anger against Varuna, the Sea God, in Ramayana

Rama, Lakshman, Sugriva, Hanuman and the Vanara Sena were looking for means to cross the ocean to reach Lanka. Rama sat in meditation near the sea hoping Varuna, the sea god, will appear before him and help him. But Varuna did not appear and Rama became angry. This incident is found in the Yuddha Kanda of Ramayana.

Rama in anger decides to punish the sea god by draining all the waters. He decided to shoot arrows and burn up the ocean.

Arrows after arrows hit the ocean and there was upheaval in the sea. Animals in the sea came to the surface in fear. The waves rose higher and higher.

Lakshman tried to reason with Rama. He asked him to refrain from the dreadful decision to drain the sea.

Heavenly beings assembled in the sky and pleaded with Rama.

But Rama was not ready to listen to them as he wanted to teach an arrogant Varuna a lesson.

Rama then invoked the Brahmastra. There was utter confusion all around. Animal were crying out in panic. Storms blew uprooting trees. Sun hid behind clouds. There were omens of approaching doom.

Varuna then appeared before Rama. He asked for his pardon and promised to help Rama.

Rama had invoked the Brahmastra and it had to be directed to a spot. Varuna asks Rama to sent the arrow towards Drumakulya which was occupied Rakshasas who were harassing people and sea animals.

Rama dispatches the arrow towards Drumakulya.

Varuna informs about Nala in Rama’s army who can build a bridge that will not sink.