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Pushkara in Hinduism

As per Hindu scriptures, Pushkara is the son of Varuna, the Hindu god of ocean, rain, water and the rivers. Pushkara performed intense austerities to please Shiva and Brahma. They gave a boon each. Brahma blessed him with residence in the waters in his Kamandalu (water pot). Shiva blessed him with Jala Tattva Siddhi. By virtue of the boons, Pushkara became the King of all Thirthas or sacred water bodies and was regarded as the Theerthapalaka or the keeper of the sacred waters.

Pushkara is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Pushti’ meaning nourishment and ‘kara’ means one who conducts it. Thus pushkara is the energy that nourishes. Thus Pushkara in reference to sacred rivers means the one who energize the rivers and provide spiritual purification.

Pushparaksha is also one of the names of Lord Vishnu and the meaning of the name is one with lotus eyes.

The famous sacred water body in Tirumala temple is also known as Swami Pushkarini.

Pushkar is also a famous pilgrim center in Rajasthan.