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Goddess Narayanapriya – About Hindu Goddess Narayana Priya

Goddess Narayanapriya means one who is the favorite of Narayana or Vishnu. So who is the favorite of Narayana? It is Goddess Durga. Thus Narayanapriya is another name of Goddess Durga.

It is in Harivamsha that Goddess Durga is called Narayanapriya – beloved of Narayana. It must be noted here that Narayanapriya does not mean consort or lover. It was more of sisterly love. This we come to know as in Harvivamsha the goddess is also referred as Vasudevabhagini meaning sister of Vishnu.

Secular scholars are of the view that the concept of  Narayanapriya was part of a failed attempt to get the Shakti cult especially Durga and her worship under the patronage and protection of Vishnu.

However, this did not happen and today; Goddess Durga is closer to Shaivite cults.